How Giving Hive Works

  • Join the Community

    Become a Hive Member to support charities that mean the most to you.

  • Join as a Nonprofit or Charity

    Have an important cause? Our automated validation process with Charity Navigator gets your nonprofit on the platform quickly, so you can start fundraising right away. Giving Hive is a cost-free platform for charities and nonprofits to share their campaigns and receive donations - no gimmicks, no hidden fees.

  • Inform

    Share a campaign with your network, and spread the good work being done every day. Inform yourselves and others about causes you care about.

  • Connect

    Connect with your friends through causes you share common interests in.

  • Contribute

    Give whenever you can. Every charity will have a unique cause or a general fund that you can support. Find the ones that mean the most to you and give as much and as often as you like.

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Charities Validated

Giving Hive’s integration with Charity Navigator ensures that every nonprofit or charity you give to efficiently manages your donation.


Over the past 20 years, Charity Navigator has empowered millions of donors around the globe by providing resources to guide them in intelligent giving. Charity Navigator validates nonprofits and makes sure they’re accountable and transparent with their supporters.


When you join the Hive, you can give with confidence knowing that the charities you donate to are highly rated by Charity Navigator.

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The Giving Hive Experience

Giving Hive is a for-profit organization that provides an easy way for Millennials to stay informed on the causes they care about, connect with like-minded individuals, and contribute whenever they can.
We pair social technology with philanthropy to streamline the giving experience.

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Within Giving Hive, you can browse through a diverse range of charities and nonprofits, access their information and impact, and share fundraisers that you’re passionate about. Find out how your contributions help the causes you care about bring change to society.

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As a Giving Hive community member, you’re able to follow organizations who advocate for the causes you care about. Connect with like-minded individuals along your journey through Giving Hive.

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Your donations, big or small, make a difference. When you’re a part of Giving Hive, it’s easy to support the causes you’re passionate about.